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wooden stools round


The wooden stools round can be used as a small table for storing coffee, magazines, books or elegant bedside tables. Keep it as a living room or terrace decoration.
Use wooden stools round as a small bedside table or even a candle holder.
Or parents accompany their children to play with toys on the wooden stools round at home.
Small sitting wooden stools round for adults when washing clothes and more.



Package Dimensions: 10.24 x 10.24 x 10.24 inches;

Weight:  3.3 pounds

Material:   wood

Color:  Natural, OEM




Made of durable solid wood, so it has a good load-bearing capacity and can hold 300 pounds.

Multi-function: can be used for store coffee, magazines, books or elegant bedside tables, beside coffee table.

You also can use it in living room for decoration or plant stand, sit on and place your socks and shoes on when you can’t bend down. Kitchen helper stool for kids is like a step ladder, this stool can lift you 10 inches to reach the shelf or Storage location. Easily move this wooden stool from one room to another.

Easy to assemble: this stool is very comfortable and sturdy to use for everyday activity.