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Wooden Cooking Spatula


Material: Wood

Size: 12×3

Dimensions: 12 x 3 x 1 inches


* Acacia wooden cooking Spatula. Made of one-piece natural acacia wood which is light but with high-density, so it is hard and can be used for a long time. The texture of the wood is clear and beautiful and unique in the world.

* Variety of functions and high temperature resistance. 12-inch size which is very suitable for daily use. The handle is comfortable to hold with increased leverage effect. It can be easily used for stirring, mixing, dividing, tasting, turning/flipping and serving food. It will not transfer high temperature to your hands when in use.

* Safe for non-stick cookware. It is made of solid wood, cut by machine and then polished by hand. It is hard as a complete product with smooth surface. It will not damage your precious non-stick pots and metal pots and pans.

* Easy to clean. The wooden cooking spatula spoon is preferably made of wood, soak it in hot soapy water after each use, wipe it clean, and store it in a dry place after drying.

* An elegant and practical gift. Elegant in shape, unique-curved texture, the product cleverly brings the taste of nature to your hand. It is also the best choice of gifts for mothers, lovers, friends.



Acacia Wood Spatula

Acacia is a tree with perennial branches and inhabits jungles at an altitude of 1,500 meters. The inner surface of the arbor is reddish brown, the bark is dark brown, and light brown after drying. The texture is natural and has no peculiar smell, and has strong plasticity. It is a high-quality material for tableware. The oblique shovel made of arbor is very unique, not easy to break and deform. The perfect shape has no dents and barbs, can cook a variety of dishes, and can be used in a non-stick pan to protect it from scratches.

Fried steak

The long-handled oblique shovel made of arbor wood is harmless to the human body. Stir, turn over, and serve when cooking. It will not scratch the surface and can be safely used in a non-stick pan to create a better cooking experience for you!

Fried eggs

Wooden Spatula Wood Long Hand Ladle Utensils for Soup, mixing,, tasting, turning, and serving of food,will not scratch surfaces; safe for use on nonstick cookware

Easy to maintain

Simply clean the spoon with warm water and a damp cloth to easily clean and maintain it. Not easy to mold and durable

Long Handle design

Easy to store and save space, better storage. It has been finely polished by hand many times, and it feels gentle and natural. Toughness does not hurt the pot, made of Acacia Wood, thick and durable. Beautiful and elegant.